In order to optimize the efficiency and space utilization of your warehouse, it is necessary to have the proper warehouse design and layout.

JDH will start the warehouse layout and design process by first preparing an AutoCAD of the current warehouse layout. Then we spend time understanding the warehouse operational requirements and warehouse work procedures unique to your company. This we achieve by interviewing the key personnel from your warehouse operations team.

Next, JDH completes a detailed analysis of all key warehouse metrics from your business systems. This includes such things as an invoice file to determine item activity and picking patterns; inventory files to understand what the warehouse has to store and an item master file to profile product sizing and storage configurations.

Using this methodology and our extensive experience in warehouse operations, JDH will be able to establish the optimum layout for your warehouse. This would include the correct slotting for your products; the best storage systems for warehouse space utilization; a warehouse layout that supports efficient material flow in & out of the warehouse; improved warehouse operating procedures and the incorporation of any secondary functions into the overall warehouse design.

View a sample warehouse design report.


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